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Comstock Creamery Award-Winning Company

1858 Hwy 63
PO Box 36
Comstock, WI 54826
Phone: 715-822-2437
Fax: 715-822-8479


Comstock Creamery, formerly Blaser's Premium Cheese, started with a creamery, the Comstock Co-op, built on the site in 1901, accepting home-separated cream from area farmers and manufacturing butter from the sweet cream. In 1948 the company’s focus turned to cheese production. Since 1970 Blaser's has been a leading producer of Muenster Cheese.

In 1991, Blaser’s became an innovator in the production of flavored natural cheeses, adding ingredients to basic cheeses such as Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Muenster and Colby. The Blaser’s label was first brought to market in late 1993 with the introduction of Cranberry Muenster, one of the first flavored, natural cheeses on the market. In 2006, we began developing a unique blend of savory cheese flavors, infusing them with different ingredients and then, after aging, hand-rolling them in a variety of spices. These products are marketed under the Antonella label.

In 2007 we rolled out the Golden Age Cheese line: English-style single-farm domestic Cheddars in both plain and flavored varieties made in the traditional manner using milled curds. And in 2010 we proudly introduced our Kammerude Goudas — artisan domestic Gouda cheese in six flavors.

In June of 2011 the Comstock Creamery became part of the Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery family. Using the milk from Ellsworth's 490 family dairy farms, we developed Ellsworth Valley rBST free cheeses in November of 2012.




Group Cheeses By:  

+ Abergele
+ Brick Award-Winning Cheese
+ Cheddar
+ Cheshire
+ Colby
+ Colby-Monterey Jack
+ Double Gloucester
+ Farmer's
+ Gouda
+ Havarti Award-Winning Cheese
+ Monterey Jack
+ Mozzarella
+ Muenster
+ Provolone
+ Swiss

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PO Box 36
Comstock, WI 54826
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